Reflection paper- Nonprofits

Dorcas Omowole
2 min readJan 29, 2022

(Note: This paper was written in the late 2020/early 2021 as part of a Non-profit management course)

Nonprofits/NGOs are addressing social problems that do not exist in a vacuum. Other organizations and institutions are addressing those problems in some capacity. Also, there are individuals looking for avenues to contribute time and resources to advance a specific nonprofit’s vision and mission. Therefore, a great organization must be able to identify and engage these potential partners to amplify its positive impact through their synergy.

It is important to maximize the power of connections while seeking to be a “force for good.” One way of doing this is for the nonprofit to identify and engage with individuals, organizations, and other entities whose values intersect. After that, the nonprofit will look for ways to communicate those values through storytelling and other avenues so that those with the same values are encouraged to participate and contribute towards the advancement of the nonprofit’s vision and goals.

Relentless fundraising, well-connected boards, and effective management” are necessary ancillaries towards attaining the vision and mission of a nonprofit. Their value is optimized as a nonprofit builds effective partnerships with individuals, organizations, and other entities interested in fostering the change the nonprofit is working towards. The nonprofit also creates and allows them to participate and contribute in one way or the other.

The question the excerpt poses is, “what is the purpose of a great product if it does not work or achieve its intended outcomes?” A great product becomes a great product when it works. In this case, a nonprofit is great when it becomes a force for good by maximizing its intended impact through reaching out and making the most use of individuals and organizations with similar values as it works towards its vision and mission.